School of Self-Healing


Individuals acknowledge their personal responsibility.


Individuals learn to lead themselves.
Individuals learn to love themselves.
Individuals learn to heal themselves.

You will learn and discover this at the

You are a student

My task is to awaken your awareness to your own need for change.

You will learn to heal yourself.

You proceed in this way:

  • You will learn independently.
  • You will search for the root cause of your disorder.
  • The chakras and meridians will reveal the root cause.
  • You will learn to treat these energetic dysfunctions yourself.
  • In this way, the natural flow can be restored.
  • Your goal should be to “help yourself”.
    • You help yourself by accepting the acknowledged need for change.
    • Your contribution lies in consistently executing what you have set out to change.

You yourself are responsible for your health.

You can learn to heal yourself.

You are the caregiver for your “house”, your body.

You have to do your part to help preserve its health.

You can do this yourself.


  • The “School of Self-Healing” is an initiative.
  • An initiative that helps people to help themselves.
  • If you need my help to identify your need for change, I ask for an energy balance honorarium of EUR 85 per hour.




from Monday to Friday – from 16:00 pm -18:00 pm